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  • THURSDAY | 12/3/2020 | 21+

    Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 7:30pm


    Come join us this Thursday to see Scott Little. He is a local acoustic artist with great talent.  21+ 

  • FRIDAY | 12/4/2020 | 21+

    Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


    Join us on Friday December 4th as Southern Roots presents

    The Piedmont Boys
    The Piedmont Boys started out in Greenville, SC in 2007. They’ve played thousands of shows, logged thousands of miles, released 4 albums, toured half the continental U.S., shared stages with everyone from Eric Church to Charlie Robison..hell, they’ve even played rodeos from Oregon to Texas. But wherever they go, the refrain of the fans who come up to them remains the same: “I never liked country music until I heard y’all.”

    What these folks must be talking about is the watered-down pop-country stuff you hear on the radio nowadays, because if you don’t like REAL country…Merle, Willie, Waylon, Johnny…you won’t like the Piedmont Boys.

    If you don’t like against-the-grain, outlaw brand, whiskey-soaked, blue-collar honky-tonk music, the kind where the volume and the energy are dead ringers for rock & roll but the sound is gritty hard-country, you won’t like the Piedmont Boys.

    If you don’t like a live show that’s pedal-to-the-floorboard, rock the place down to the dirt and drain every drop of sweat from every human being in the house, you won’t like the Piedmont Boys.

    If you don’t like your Jerry Reed mixed with a little Metallica, if you don’t like a band that loves playing live so much that they’ve had one weekend off in seven years, if you don’t like country mixed with bluegrass mixed with southern rock mixed with a little…make that a lot…of Jack Daniels, you won’t like the Piedmont Boys.

    If any of that sounds like one hell of a good time, though, y’all come on in. The door’s always open.

    Doors open at 6 PM and the show starts at 9 PM.

  • SATURDAY | 12/5/2020 | 21+

    Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm

    Fleetwood Mac Tribute

    Join us on Saturday December 5th as Southern Roots presents
    RUMOURS ATL - A Fleetwood Mac Tribute
    Formed in 2014, Rumours (also known as Rumours ATL) has taken the U.S. by storm with their stage scorching renditions of Fleetwood Mac songs. Fans from across the nation claim that Rumours is the band to see if you are looking for an authentic recreation of live Fleetwood Mac shows.

    In just under 5 years, Rumours has landed themselves the reputation of being the best Fleetwood Mac Tribute band and additionally has made fans internationally. In the summer of 2019, Rumours was invited to play a week in The Netherlands at some of the top venues and festivals in the country. The success of that tour brought them attention from plenty of new fans and promoters and they will be returning in 2020. Specially crafted shows and not one detail left behind, Rumours continues to sell out some of the top venues in the United States and gain fans at each show.

    Rumours is fronted by Mekenzie Thrift (Stevie Nicks vocals), Adrienne Cottrell (keyboards and Christine McVie vocals), and Doug Easterly (acoustic guitar, percussion, and Lindsey Buckingham vocals). Alex Thrift on lead guitar, Jim Ramsdell on bass, and Daniel Morrison on drums makeup one of the best live band performances you will see at any show. The band prides themselves on being the most authentic Fleetwood Mac Tribute without coming across as a parody or a bore of a show. They will make you dance, sing along at the top of your lungs, and you’ll even learn something new about Fleetwood Mac at each performance.

    Rumours will leave you wanting more. Rumours will make you relive those Fleetwood Mac memories.

    Do you believe in miracles and the ways of magic? Rumours does.

    “Rumours is a pleasure to work with and extremely dedicated to bringing a Fleetwood Mac experience to our audiences at every show. Which they sell out each time.” Peter Moshay, Grammy Winner and sound engineer for Daryl Hall and John Oates, Live from Daryl’s House

    “We love having Rumours play our venue. They’re always so fun and get along with the staff great! They also sell a lot of tickets and their shows are awesome.” Jason Westbrook, Production Manager Iron City, Birmingham Alabama

    “We love having Rumours and I love lighting their shows. They always make it magical.” Farrell Roberts, Variety Playhouse Atlanta GA
    Doors open at 6 PM and the show starts at 9 PM.

THURSDAY | 12/10/2020 | 21+
Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 7:30pm


Nathan Morgan is a local country artist who has a soulful voice. Come see him this Thursday and enjoy his acoustic act. 21+

FRIDAY | 12/11/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


Chris, Jon and Scott captivate audiences with their incredible sound and musicianship. There is no limit to the variety of styles they are able to perform. It's going to be a super fun night! Show begins at 9PM. 21+

SATURDAY | 12/12/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


Join us on Saturday Dec 12th for
$10 at the door


THURSDAY | 12/17/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm



FRIDAY | 12/18/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 8pm


Cover $10 at door!
21+ No Smoking/vaping
Many of you have been asking when 2BK was coming to Southern Roots....well it’s happening! December 181h! Full band show! Come out and show your 2BK support!
2BK features Ross Childress (founding member of Collective Soul) on lead guitar, Stephen Wines on guitar and vocals, Bo Bentley on bass, and Zack Adcock in drums! Come hear hits from the 70s til now! 

SATURDAY | 12/19/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


Join us on Saturday, December 19th as Southern Roots presents

Curtis Loew Project - Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute (Starts at 9pm)
Turn it Up!!!

The Curtis Loew Project brings the magic of a Lynyrd Skynyrd show to the stage in all of its ten-piece glory! Come have a good ole Southern foot stompin' throw down with the BEST Skynyrd tribute you can see!

Doors open at 6PM and the performance starts at 9 PM. 21+ only, Non-smoking/vaping


THURSDAY | 12/24/2020 



FRIDAY | 12/25/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm



SATURDAY | 12/26/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


Join us on Friday, December 26th  as Southern Roots presents
Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos (Starts at 8pm)
The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos combine unparalleled musical talent with side-splitting humor to make sure that your party becomes just that....a party. Each song is requested by your guests, and The Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos know well over 1,500 popular songs! The audience is pleasantly persuaded to become part of the show, and even the most bashful and self-conscious patron will soon be singing gleefully at the top of their lungs! They make weddings, corporate events, and parties become an unforgettable night of uncontrollable smiles!
Doors open at 6PM and the performance starts a 9 PM


THURSDAY | 12/31/2020

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 10pm


Join us on Thursday December 31st as Southern Roots presents Departure: The Journey Tribute Band

Departure: The Journey Tribute
After 8 years together, DEPARTURE has become the most respected Journey tribute band in the nation. DEPARTURE replicates the look, sound and feel of the original 80’s rock super group. The five band members have been together from the beginning and have developed an amazing on-stage chemistry. These veteran musicians pride themselves on giving their audience an incredible high-energy, qualitative stage show from start to finish. Featured lead vocalist, Brian Williams, has an amazing singing voice flawlessly matching Steve Perry’s vocal range and on-stage movements, exactly. DEPARTURE also highlights the early Journey years, when Gregg Rolie was lead singer, featuring Joel Hayes on keys and lead vocals. In 2009, Joel was named “Best Keyboardist in Atlanta” for his work representing Jonathan Cain and Gregg Rolie. DEPARTURE plays all the hit songs that everyone knows and loves. They can perform for 2 hours straight without a break to give the audience the true concert experience. Their performance is professional and highly engaging for their audience. Everything heard during their performance is live with no pre-recorded tracks used. DEPARTURE was voted “Best Local Entertainer” for 2011, 2012 and 2014 by Gwinnett Magazine. Performing approximately one-hundred shows annually, DEPARTURE brings the very best of Journey.

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 10 PM.

FRIDAY | 1/1/2021 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 8pm



SATURDAY | 1/2/2021 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm




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