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THURSDAY | 3/4/2010 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


Join us for our weekly local acoustic artist!

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FRIDAY | 3/5/2021 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


Rock the 90's | 90's Rock Tribute
Broadcast 90 is "the" ultimate 1990's rock tribute supergroup - covering the exact album versions of your favorite bands from that era. Pearl Jam, Weezer, Soundgarden, Oasis, Better Than Ezra, Jesus Jones, Blink 182, Goo Goo Dolls, Smashmouth, Sugar Ray, Faith No More, Nirvana, Gin Blossoms, Third Eye Blind and more.

Broadcast 90 replicates the studio recordings of all your favorite 90's rock acts (and their hits) - bringing them to life on stage in an authentic and entertaining concert experience.

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM. 

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SATURDAY | 3/6/2021 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


'84 A Tribute to Van Halen (Starts at 9pm)
The Ultimate Van Halen Experience!! 84 has quickly become the region's most sought after Van Halen tribute band.
Faithfully recreating the sound, look, and energy of the original Van Halen lineup (1978-1984), 84 brings a jaw-droppingly authentic, passion filled show to packed venues and sold out crowds throughout the Southeast and beyond. 84's Dave, Eddie, Michael, and Alex work to bring you the most accurate concert experience possible. And it ain't no joke!
Behind this outrageously accurate concert experience, are 4 perfectly synced music professionals with the flawlessly aligned objective of taking each audience back in time to the early days of Van Halen when Rock Music ruled the world, and Van Halen ruled Rock Music. This is no "stay in your lane" performance. Each show is uniquely different and uniquely inspired by the audience out front. Just like the original.
84 covers material from the original self titled album Van Halen (1978) thru their most popular album 1984. You will be on your feet with David Lee Roth era hits like Jump, Panama, Hot For Teacher, Runnin With the Devil, Ain't Talkin' Bout Love, Eruption, Unchained, You Really Got Me, and many, many more! If your favorite isn't listed, you can be sure you will catch it at a show.
Witness stage chemistry like no other and once again live the experience of your youth when Van Halen was delivering all the glory that was David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony, and Alex Van Halen. It was PERFECT, and 84 strives to bring that perfection to you.
Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM. 


THURSDAY | 3/11/2021 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 7:30pm

LeAnne & Carson

Join us this Thursday for a duo from Atlanta, GA that plays a wide variety of covers and original music 21+


FRIDAY | 3/12/2021 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 8pm


$10 Cover

Like many of today’s southern stars, Tyler began his journey singing in the church choir and practicing three powerful chords that every guitarist learned first. When he arrived on the campus of Georgia College and State University, he encountered a whole new scene that would ultimately shape him and his music.

His fame began at a local club where he used his music to entertain college kids on Tuesday nights. “It’s always a good sign when you play for a room once and return two months down the road to a crowd that has tripled on simply word of mouth.” Fast forward a few years and Tyler earned the opportunity to play with many of the mentors he used to admire. He and the band perform over 150 shows a year across all parts of the southeast and has shared the stage with a number of idols including Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Cole Swindell.

Tyler’s newest album, “Take A Sip” has not only been a best-seller, but also describes the wild ride they have been a part of for the past six years. It’s not just about the music for, it’s also about each and every one of his fans, learning to live a little, and knowing when to take a shot of whiskey.

This whirlwind of success has made Tyler far from complacent. In fact, he spends countless hours honing his craft and making music that the growing fan base loves. Tyler, with this strong foundation, is ready to take his passion and talents to the next level… one song at a time

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SATURDAY | 3/13/2021 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm


Cash & Waylon Tribute
Johnny was on fire in 1968 and was willing to take risks to build his career. This is the period the Gray Sartin attempts to recreate. With the sincerest respect for Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three, Gray and the band performs both the classic hits and the modern hits. Sartin said, “when people are watching a play, the actors don’t remind the audience they’re seeing a play and not the real thing. I treat our show the same way. I don’t remind the audience we’re not the real thing. I want our audience to suspend disbelief for the show and allow themselves to be caught in the nostalgia of the moment. That’s why every show starts with, ‘hello, I’m Johnny Cash,’ and the show has grown every year since July 2011.”
Waylon became a superstar in the 1970s with the release of the Wanted album. He became a part of the famous outlaw movement that's still talked about today. During this decade, he had many of his number one hits and many of these hits were duets with Willie Nelson. Waylon had long hair and a beard and was far from the clean cut image of the traditional country artist of the era. This is the look and feel Gray portrays in his tribute to Waylon. Sartin said, "I want people to feel they're seeing a show from 1978, when Waylon and Willie were at their peak."
Willie like Waylon became a superstar during the 1970s. It was Willie that invited Waylon to come to Austin Texas to start performing, Willie was a great influence on Waylon. If it hadn't been for Willie asking Waylon to come to Texas, Waylon may not have ever embraced the new image they called outlaw. Willie and Waylon were great friends and performed together many times. Jeff Carr looks and sounds like Willie. People comment that Jeff's speaking voice even sound like Willie. Jeff said, "I want people to connect with the show and feel the energy that was created from this very special time.
Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM. 21+ 


THURSDAY | 3/18/2021 | 21+

Show starts at 7:30PM


Join us this Thursday for our weekly local talent


FRIDAY | 3/19/2021 | 21+

Show starts at 8PM


8 SECOND RIDE | High Energy Country
21+ Non smoking
Based out of Middle Georgia, 8 Second Ride is a high energy, Modern Country band playing today's hits. If you are hearing it on SiriusXM Radio, chances are 8 Second Ride is playing it in their shows! With 3 part harmonies, and a rich, full, 5-piece band putting out layers of country music goodness, an 8 Second Ride show is sure to bring the good times on!

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SATURDAY | 3/20/2010 | 21+

Show starts at 9PM



Join us Saturday March 20th at 9PM to watch Elton Live — The Ultimate Elton John Tribute Act offers the most complete and authentic reproduction of Sir Elton John’s sound and stage performance in the world. Their shows are the most accurate duplication that Elton John fans worldwide have come to love and enjoy. Established in early 2019, Elton Live — The Ultimate Elton John Tribute Act hails from the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and has performed for audiences all over the southeast United States. Lead vocalist and the band’s founder Steven Dodd brings you an unmatched emulation and portrays Sir Elton John with a powerful delivery of voice and stage presence like no one else. Adding dimension and magnetic on-stage chemistry to each performance is the full ensemble band of veteran musicians that are the driving force behind Elton John’s sheer rock-n-roll power and wall of sound. Rounding out the troupe is Elton John’s actual background vocalist, L’Tonya “Sugarlips” Shields, who toured with Sir Elton for a number of years. Elton Live performs the best of Sir Elton John from his early beginnings to the superstardom status of his present hits. Complete with a full stage performance, lights, wild costumes, and unbounded energy — just as if Elton John were rocking before your very eyes. The closest you’re going to get to the real thing is Elton Live -- The Ultimate Elton John Tribute Act.

21+ No Smoking/Vaping

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THURSDAY | 3/25/2021 | 21+


Andy Johnson is a writer, singer and guitarist from Upson County, Georgia, known for fronting middle GA band Royal Johnson from 2014-2019. His folk-rock aesthetic, country charm and soulful blues presence have presented him with opportunities to perform at some of the southeast’s most respected venues, and work under the tutelage of some of southern music’s pioneers.


FRIDAY | 3/26/2010 | 21+


Join us on March 26th as Southern Roots presents

$20 cover at the door
PLAY IT AGAIN - A Tribute to Luke Bryan
Play It Again Country Girl!

One of the hottest modern country acts in recent years is LUKE BRYAN now has “PLAY IT AGAIN” a fantastic live tribute band show dedicated to the great tunes from this fantastic artist! Plus they cover several other similar modern country artists to round out the show.

Expect all the smash hits from his career like -

Play It Again
Do I
Roller Coaster
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
I don’t want this night to End
All my friends say
Someone else calling yo
Drink a Beer
..the smash hit Country Girl
..and Many More!
Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM. 21+


SATURDAY | 3/27/2021 | 21+



The Velcro Pygmies: World Famous Rock Band

The World Famous Velcro Pygmies want to take you on a little journey, and they promise it won't hurt. This golden ticket will get you a trip back to a time when music was in its prime. Back when hair was big but rock 'n' roll was bigger … back when a 17-second guitar solo transformed a man and his machine into a Rock God … back when fallen angels swarmed the front row like Aquanet to a feathered bang.


The Velcro Pygmies travel the country year round - from the Gulf Shores to the Great Lakes - to share the sights, sounds and stain-washed denim of the glorious '80s, schooling audiences on the difference between a rock band and a rock show. From start to finish, they command the stage with a prowess uncommon in today's industry, and they leave you begging for more. No gimmicks or tricks, just undiluted rock 'n' roll energy that unites every race, creed, age and gender.

The Velcro Pygmies are more than just a band - they are a way of life. They're a nitro-fueled Trans Am prowling the streets at dusk, looking for some action - satisfaction all night. They ain't looking for nothing but a good time, and it don't get better than this.

Doors open at 6 PM and the performance starts at 9 PM.


THURSDAY | 2/--/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm





FRIDAY | 2/--/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm




SATURDAY | 2/--/2020 | 21+

Doors Open at 6pm, Show at 9pm